Cosmic thinking meets neuroscience in new theory about brain connections

Abstract: A brand new mathematical mannequin that identifies the essential connections between neurons reveals that some neural networks within the mind are extra necessary than others. supply: HHMI After a profession spent investigating the mysteries of the universe, a senior scientist at Janelia Analysis Campus explores the mysteries of the human mind and develops new … Read more

Physicists are fascinated by deepening the mystery of the muon particle’s magnetism

Fermilab’s Muon g-2 experiment makes use of this round electromagnet to retailer muons, in order that their magnetic second will be measured with unprecedented accuracy.Credit score: Brookhaven Nationwide Laboratory / SPL Muon mysteries proceed to fascinate physicists. Final 12 months, an experiment prompt that an elementary particle has inexplicably sturdy magnetism, presumably breaking a decades-long … Read more

25 Years From The Bridge To An Uncharted World – Wire Science

An artist’s impression of a black gap and its accretion disk. Illustration: XMM-Newton, ESA, and NASA In 1997, physicist Juan Maldacena discovered a solution to mathematically hyperlink theories with gravity and with out gravity—a feat that to today stays an infamously complicated drawback. Maldacena’s paper – which has turn into probably the most cited physics … Read more

Falling stardust, wobbly jets explain the flicker of gamma ray bursts

An airplane (in pink) sways inside the avalanche earlier than exploding within the photosphere. Credit score: Ore Gottlieb/Northwestern College A workforce of astrophysicists led by Northwestern College has developed the first-ever full 3D simulation of the entire evolution of a airplane fashioned by a star collapse, or “collapse.” As a result of these jets generate … Read more

Scientists say objective reality may not exist

One of many greatest mysteries in Quantum mechanics is whether or not bodily actuality exists independently of its observer. new search from Brazil offers robust proof that there could also be mutually unique, however complementary bodily the details within the quantum world. Future analysis on the massive quantum controversy could give us a brilliant perturbation … Read more

How did the math solve the problem of flipping burgers?

The science of burger flipping is among the most uncared for branches of analysis, sadly. Throughout the months of barbecue, the primary conundrum of style buds is whether or not burgers flip over a number of instances and prepare dinner extra rapidly than flipping them simply as soon as. And if that’s the case, what … Read more

Researchers simulate Earth’s defense against asteroid collision

2D slices (taken at y = 0 within the xz airplane) displaying potential asteroid morphs after DART-like impacts on initially 150 m spheroids with variable coherence (Y0 = 0-50 Pa) and inner friction coefficients (f = 0.4-1.0) . Impacts on targets with Y0 larger than -10 Pa create well-defined craters, whereas impacts on targets with … Read more

Can we travel through time? A theoretical physicist provides answers

Time journey seems commonly in standard tradition, with numerous tales of time journey showing in movies, tv, and literature. However it’s a surprisingly previous thought: one may argue the Greek tragedy Oedipus rexWritten by Sophocles over 2,500 years in the past, it’s the first time journey story. however he time journey Really attainable? Given the … Read more

Dream of unlimited, clean nuclear fusion power at hand

Nuclear fusion power could be a pivotal supply of sustainable power to enrich renewable power sources. The world’s largest fusion experiment, ITER, is being inbuilt France. Picture Credit score: © ITER Group, The previous joke is that nuclear fusion is at all times 30 years away. Nevertheless, dreaming of a clear power glut is … Read more

Breaking the strongest chemical bonds using shock pressure laser

Laser-led shock waves reaching a number of million from the environment break the extraordinarily sturdy triple bond of the nitrogen molecules and launch a small portion of the L-shell electrons to the separated atoms. Credit score: Liam Krause/LLNL Scientists at Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory (LLNL) not too long ago obtained high-resolution thermodynamic knowledge about heat, … Read more

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